Notes from an artist who loves to draw

From where do ideas originate and why they may create a problem?

A simple question, with ever-expanding answers.

From where is an idea born:  prompted by the sunrise; the discovery of a discarded candy bar wrapper; awakened the from a disturbing saga; surprised by a child’s laughter; the discovery of a new tool, or whatever invades the conscious, jetting me out of status quo and into the unknown. The spark, the idea, hangs ready to explore. The ‘why’ is addressed and the framework may grow into a solution or a masterpiece.

Here lies the RUB.  The new idea MUST go through your vetting process.

  • Do I have time for this?
  • Do I need to write or, research, or make a prototype?
  • How does this fit into my life and work?
  • What is the solution, masterpiece going to cost in time and money
  • Is the ‘spark’ a really good idea?

Maybe, it is time to revaluate in the morning sun, after a sleepless night, trashing the candy wrapper, and ignoring the new tool, and picking up my tattered sketchbook and trusty 2B pencil, watch the child disappear into the woods, with coffee nearby, sit down draw.  No problem.