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Taking a Leap

One of my favorite tee shirts shouts “LEAP” in large cascading letters. So I did, at the Naples Grape Festival, drawing the characters who responded to my signage: “Characters Wanted, Kit is ready to draw YOU.”  For years, in my ever-present sketchbook, endless pencil sketch ran or snuck into the primary sketches for my primary […]

Notes from an artist who loves to draw

From where do ideas originate and why they may create a problem? A simple question, with ever-expanding answers. From where is an idea born:  prompted by the sunrise; the discovery of a discarded candy bar wrapper; awakened the from a disturbing saga; surprised by a child’s laughter; the discovery of a new tool, or whatever […]

Victim to the spirit

Drawing is a process of creating lines which evolve into visual expressions, from the simple to the very complex. For me, drawing is my passion, a creative output of both physical and visual nature, sometimes dictated and pristine; sometimes carefree and surprising.  It takes a few tools and often, on the fly, may be the […]